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Protection - Skid Plates - Sliders

If you like to bang around in your YXZ1000R like we do here at UTV Nut, you know how valuable a good set of skid plates and a-arm guards can be. The factory skid plate on the Yamaha YXZ1000R simply does not provide adequate protection against the dangers of the trail. For this reason we strive to provide the largest selection of Yamaha YXZ1000R skid plates, a-arm guards and rock sliders available.

When choosing a skid plate for the YXZ1000R you want to take into consideration weight, durability and friction coefficient. UHMW has taken over the skid plate world because it is both the lightest and strongest material available. UHMW skid plates have the lowest friction coefficient which means they will often glide off where other materials will hang up. However aluminum skid plates still have their place and are often preferred by some riders.

A-Arm guards and rock sliders are a great way to complete the protection of your Yamaha YXZ1000R as they cover the last vulnerable areas of your UTV.

You have find the right place to browse the web’s largest selection of Yamaha YXZ1000R skid plates at our signature low prices.