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Pre Mounted Kits

Get your Yamaha YXZ1000R Pre-Mounted Wheel Kit and hit the road same day. Don’t hassle with getting wheels and tires from two different places and taking them to a tire shop to get mounted, or even worse trying to do it yourself. Our UTV Nut pre-mounted kits come ready to go at your door step, they include lug nuts, valve stems and come fully inflated and ready to hit the trail. We offer YXZ1000R Tire packages for a variety of terrain and have everything from Sand Tire Packages and Mud Tire Packages to All Terrain Packages. We offer a huge selection of wheels and tires from a massive collection of manufactures such as Maxxis, ITP, STI, Method, GMZ and many many more. Put new shoes on your Yamaha YXZ1000R today with our signature pre-mounted tire kits.