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Exhausts are one the great accessories an owner can add to their YXZ1000R. Serving a variety of purposes, aftermarket YXZ1000R exhausts can add power, save weight or change tone depending on the exhaust. Slip On exhausts do not necessarily add a tremendous amount of power to your YXZ1000R but they will change the tone, giving it a more aggressive and powerful sound. Additionally, adding a slip on exhaust often shaves several pounds off the factory exhaust and for you gram counters out there the weight savings can be huge.

If you are looking to add some real power to the YXZ1000R then a full system exhaust is right for you. A full system exhaust consists of the header pipes, mid-pipes and mufflers. The combination of the elements creates the proper back pressure to create more Horsepower. When installing an exhaust on your YXZ1000R it is advisable to add a fuel controller or fuel programmer as well. A full exhaust system can cause your YXZ1000 to run somewhat lean and adding the fuel controller will allow you to add some more fuel to help bring your fuel/air ratio back to equilibrium.

Whether it is a Yamaha YXZ1000R Slip On Exhaust or Yamaha YXZ1000R Full System Exhaust, UTV Nut is your e-commerce destination. We share your passion for the Yamaha and would love to talk about exhausts or any other YXZ1000R accessory with you.